Quantum Enhanced Microwave Backscatter Communications

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This project develops the foundations for a new microwave quantum backscatter (QBC) communications paradigm that utilizes the recent and emerging microwave quantum circuits in order to break the performance limits of classical wireless communication systems. The objective is to utilize the existing microwave quantum components such as single-photon sources, beam-splitters, and single-photon detectors to build realizable protocols that can beat the coherent heterodyne receiver. We develop methods to estimate the channel-induced phase offset to allow coherent detection and apply forward error correction coding and multi-antenna techniques to improve the system performance in a fading channel. In parallel to the protocol development and performance analysis, we develop the necessary quantum circuits required for a practical implementation. The ultimate objective of the project is to demonstrate QBC in a laboratory setting.
Short titleQEMB
Effective start/end date01/01/201930/06/2022