Quantum-Classical Coding and Communications

  • Tirkkonen, Olav (Principal investigator)
  • Lietzen, Jari (Project Member)
  • Volanto, Kalle (Project Member)
  • Pllaha, Tefjol (Project Member)
  • Vehkalahti, Roope (Project Member)

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Quantum technology in conceptual interaction with classical communication technology is investigated. In the context of quantum communication, quantum key distribution is considered, which enables provably secure communication. A novel two-way protocol for key distillation is designed. Fundamental research in quantum computation will clarify the ramifications for realizing a generic quantum circuit with a finite number of gates coming from a limited set of basic gates. In addition to fundamental understanding about implementation of quantum gates, this work will form a basis for designing certain classical communication methods for future wireless communication networks. The algebraic structures underlying quantum communication can be used to create codes for wireless communication which have very efficient decoders. Conversely, the decoders developed for wireless communication can be generalized to effective quantum approximation methods.
Short titleQC3
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/08/2024


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  • Un-Weyl-ing the Clifford hierarchy

    Pllaha, T., Rengaswamy, N., Tirkkonen, O. & Calderbank, R., 9 Dec 2020, In: Quantum. 4, 13 p.

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