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The main objective of the New Interaction Ecology for New Interfaces in Music Practice - MUSECOL research is to develop a theory of interaction ecology to better understand culturally and technologically mediated interaction paradigms and specifically how they appropriate and give meaning to the evolving nature of the relations between creator, performer, instrument and audience in music practices with new interfaces. MUSECOL will use recent work in new-interfaces-for-musical-expression studies to develop theoretical frameworks for the investigation of an appropriately broad view of digital musical interactions by giving equal weight to complex web of actors operating in an ecosystem. MUSECOL's new interaction ecology concept will be immensely useful for researchers and practitioners in the field, but also for entertainment, technology, and consumer electronic industries which are increasingly attempting to introduce novel, creative and interactive experiences to broad audiences.
Short titleHEI ICI EARLI
Effective start/end date01/03/201731/12/2020