Privacy-aware retrieval and modelling of genomic data

  • Kaski, Samuel (Principal investigator)
  • Ammad-Ud-Din, Muhammad (Project Member)

Project Details


The genomic revolution has made collecting personal genomic data increasingly affordable. These data require special care to guarantee their privacy because any anonymisation is inherently impossible and any breaches would be permanent and may affect many people across generations. New cryptographic and information security methods are clearly needed to provide strong privacy guarantees while allowing efficient utilisation of the data. In this project we will address several related scenarios of secure utilisation of genomic data, including efficient utilisation of personally held genomes, retrieval from databases and utilisation of the data for personalised medicine modelling, while maintaining the privacy of all involved parties.
Short titlePRIGENDA/Kaski
Effective start/end date01/07/201430/06/2016


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