Prematurity, brain and behavior

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We investigate long-term consequences of extremely preterm birth on brain structure and function, on performing tasks that require attention, memory, and social cognition, and on tests that measure motor control. Participants are preterm-born school-aged children and adults, and age-matched controls born at term-age. Participants undergo structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and neurological and neuropsychological examination, and perform tests that measure motor control. We investigate whether abnormalities in brain activation and white matter microstructure that we observed in prematurely born children when they were 7y are persistent, or whether children develop compensatory mechanisms over maturation. The research aims at identifying neural correlates related to learning difficulties and behavioral problems in prematurely born children and adults. The results will be valuable in developing guidance and targeted support for prematurely born children.
Short titleCarlson-PrematurityBrainBehav
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/08/2024