Physico-chemical alterations in cellulosic fibers treated under subcritical water conditions (PURCELL)

  • Borrega Sabate, Marc (Principal investigator)

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The growing global demand for dissolving wood pulps to manufacture textile fibers and other cellulose specialty products requires the development of modern production processes, in line with advanced biorefinery concepts. In PURCELL, a novel method to produce high purity cellulose fibers is proposed, based on water treatments in subcritical conditions. Understanding the physico-chemical alterations induced upon the cellulosic structure is important because they affect the properties and the performance of the fibers. The results of this research will significantly benefit the forest products industry, as well as scientists working in the development of new cellulose-based materials.
Short titlePURCELL / Borrega Sabate
Effective start/end date01/09/201431/12/2016


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