Photo-controlled active plasmonics

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Plasmonic metal nanostructures are widely explored in nanophotonics due to their unique optical properties such as high local field enhancement. Most of the existing plasmonic devices operate in static regime, that is, once fabricated their properties are fixed.
In this project, we aim to develop novel methods, which combine colloidal synthesis of metal nanoparticles, DNA origami-based assembly and light-responsive materials, for fabrication of active plasmonic systems with dynamically tunable functionalities. We will demonstrate the advantage of these methods by fabricating several active plasmonic devices. We expect that our results will further advance the field of active plasmonics and open new routes for the realization of subwavelength active photonic devices with utility for advanced biosensing, dynamic metamaterials, and perhaps even active control schemes for quantum plasmonics.
Short titlePlasmonics/Kuzyk
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2023


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