Peltola Eveliina AT-palkka

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This project investigates the mathematics of certain models proposed in theoretical physics: so-called critical models and conformal field theories. Such stochastic models describe properties of microscopic particles and matter. They are also related to large scale phenomena and research of the universe. The aim is to understand mathematically, e.g., correlations of particles and interfaces between different kinds of particles. The models can be studied mathematically by various methods: e.g., using algebra, geometry, or probability theory. The aim is to form a clear picture of the interplay of these different viewpoints and thus gain new knowledge also of the models themselves. Thus, the project aims to produce knowledge both of the models and of different fields of mathematics. These research topics are important in the long run for the development of the society and welfare. The studied models have also connections, e.g., to economics, social sciences, biology, and neurology.
Short titlePeltola Eveliina AT-palkka
Effective start/end date01/09/202131/08/2026

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