Parallel Assembly of Inorganic Micro Components for Stretchable Electronics

  • Chang, Bo (Principal investigator)

Project Details


Stretchable electronics has attracted great interests and impressive applications, such as wearable electronics, implanted medical devices and epidermal electronics. Currently there is no effective way to integrate integrated circuits (ICs) to stretchable printed wiring boards (PWBs) beyond the traditional serial robotic pick-and-place technique.
The main objective of the project is to develop new cost-effective and high-throughput manufacturing methods for heterogeneous integration on stretchable electronics. I propose a novel combination of parallel part transferring with surface tension driven self-alignment technology.
The project will result in new kind of integration method, which can greatly increase capability, efficiency of integration of components for stretchable electronics and eventually reduce the manufacturing costs.
Short titleBo Chang
Effective start/end date01/09/201431/08/2017


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