Optical spiking driven out-of-equilibrium biomimetics

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Soft materials consist of polymers, liquid crystals, proteins, surfactants, colloids, and biological matter, thus involving a wide range of functional properties, from adhesion, stretchability, and absorption properties to even "life-like" properties. Soft materials have already been functionalized for stimuli-responsiveness, where the properties change in response to, e.g., temperature or light. To achieve progressively more "life-like" properties, future soft materials have to be designed not to be in equilibrium but to be driven by chemical fuels for chemical activation. Here we show concepts for chemically fuel-driven soft matter to assemble and disassemble fibrils of nanoparticles on demand in specific spatial locations, as inspired by biological microtubule fibrillation in cell division. The concept is achieved by optical spikings inspired by neuronal ionic spikings. The project paves ways towards bioinspired soft materials with increasingly life-like properties.
Short titleOpebma/Ikkala
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/08/2024


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