Open Messaging Interface - Avoin rajapinta asioiden internetille

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The vision for a seamless Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber physical system (CPS), requires protocols capable to adapt to different standards and environment. The Open Messaging Interface (O-MI) and Open Data Format (O-DF) standards are addressing exactly this issue. The Principal Investigator of this proposal is the main architect and author of those standards, whose potential impact for the IoT is similar to the impact of HTTP and HTML for the World Wide Web when they were published. Lately, the adoption of any technology or standards is often motivated by the resources available in term of documentation and reference implementation. This project has the ambitious goal of developing an industrial strength implementation of the O-MI and O-DF standards which will be published in the Eclipse IoT community ( Security, fault tolerance and in depth testing are fundamental for delivering a robust implementation which can be used by a large community of developers.
Short titleO-Mi/Främling
Effective start/end date01/01/201630/06/2018