Neutral Host Pilot

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Smart cities need digital service infrastructure to enable sustainable growth, improve safety, energy efficiency, air quality, effectivity of transportation, optimized city maintenance and quality of living.

Neutral Host Pilot project is a highly multi-disciplinary joint R&D project developing new sharing business for digital smart city. It focuses on the development of the data platform and exploitation of the data for different Smart City use cases, applications, and services.

Platform based approach will enable cities to make the citizens life better, more efficient and safer and at the same time enable sustainable growth in city areas. Data will be usable mainly locally for citizens, companies and cities itself. Local data is easier to control and share openly based on the common needs and regulations.

Project will use and demonstrate fast 5G network connectivity and data platforms especially optimized for local needs of smart cities. The project will create an open access ecosystem for digital services and turn the smart city data into profitable business. Project will also study and prepare recommendations for regulation.
Short titleBF/Neutral Host Pilot
Effective start/end date01/06/201931/05/2021