Neuroscience of intergroup processes

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Our aim is to characterize neurocognitive mechanisms of intergroup processes and their malleability. We study brain using functional magnetic imaging (fMRI) and MEG. An important aspect of our research is the use of dynamic naturalistic stimuli, where stimuli occur in their natural context. This requires the use of advanced methods in analyzing brain signals. Our research objectives are: 1) To characterize neurocognitive mechanisms engaged during perception of ingroup and outgroup individuals using rich naturalistic stimulation and advanced brain signal analysis methods. 2) To demonstrate that short-term modification of self-image by adopting the personality of an outgroup person diminishes negative attitude to outgroup individuals. 3) To reveal how stress influences the neurocognitive representation of ingroup and outgroup individuals. 4) To evaluate the effect of ingroup-balanced vs. ingroup-biased media on affective and cognitive barriers to intergroup conflict resolution.
Short titleRyhmäytym.aivomekanismit/Sams
Effective start/end date01/09/201731/12/2021