Electromechanical quantum coherent systems

  • Sillanpää, Mika (Principal investigator)
  • Ockeloen-Korppi, Caspar (Project Member)
  • Paraoanu, Gheorghe-Sorin (Project Member)
  • Damskägg, Erno (Project Member)
  • Kervinen, Mikael (Project Member)
  • Lemettinen, Jori (Project Member)
  • Li, Jian (Project Member)
  • Holmqvist, Ulf (Project Member)
  • Pirkkalainen, Juha-Matti (Project Member)
  • Sulkko, Jaakko (Project Member)
  • Cho, Sung (Project Member)
  • Chowdhury, Golam (Project Member)

Project Details

Effective start/end date01/01/201031/12/2014


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