Multiscale models for the fatigue assessment of engineering applications: experimental investigation of fatigue mechanisms at micro and nanoscale.

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The present project focuses on the investigation of mechanisms of fracture and fatigue at the micro and nano scales, including molecular dynamics studies with the probabilistic distribution of microstructures and grain boundaries, which lead to macroscale fatigue predictive tools in a multiscale modeling context. The research involves outstanding partners of Finland, China, and Japan.
The world is full of applications that can fracture under a single excessive load cycle or due to numerous load-cycles (fatigue). In many applications, such as marine and bridges, cracks spend many of their lifetimes at the microstructural level. Thus, reliable engineering for entire component lifetime depends on accurate prediction of crack growth from the smallest size until final failure. The results of the current project will lead to scientific advancements around the world and relevant solutions for industrial applications in mechanical, marine and civil engineering, and in nano-engineering.
Short titleNanoCrack/Gallo
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2022