Multi-scale modelling of human exposure to intermediate frequency electromagnetic fields

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There is a lack of scientific data about human exposure to intermediate-frequency (less than 10 MHz) electromagnetic fields. Several weaknesses in international human exposure guidelines and standards at intermediate frequencies disrupt the development of innovative new technologies. An example of such a technology is wireless power transfer, which, using strong intermediate-frequency fields, enables feeding of electricity to devices without the need for cables for distances up to a few metres. The main adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields at intermediate frequencies are caused by nerve stimulation. This study aims to develop new computational models for investigating nerve stimulation when the human body is exposed to an external electromagnetic field. The study will produce new knowledge about electrical stimulation for improving the international human exposure limits, and verify that new technologies utilizing intermediate-frequency fields are safe for everyday use.
Short titleIlkka Laakso
Effective start/end date01/09/201531/08/2018