MUC/Hankkeiden valmistelu

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    Because of its ability to fabricate customized products with advanced attributes, Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an important technology of Industry 4.0. Due to the production process, such as rapid heating and solidification and numerous re-heating/re-cooling processes, the microstructure of an AM part features a specific morphology and is also surrounded by residual stresses and non-negligible amount of pores. These features affect the mechanical properties including yield strength and fatigue properties. Therefore, this collaborative project aims to investigate the influence of the AM process parameters on residual stresses, porosity, and the corresponding yield strength and fatigue properties of AM parts by modern experimental techniques and novel material simulation tools. The results obtained from this project can directly be used as a guideline for optimizing the AM processor for designing new materials, which fulfill targeted mechanical properties.
    Short titleMUC/Hankkeiden valmistelu
    Effective start/end date01/10/201531/12/2016


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