Moving from observation to understanding in neuroscience: extending computational models to predict neuroimaging data

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As you are reading this text, you brain is doing something remarkable: it receives information from your eyes about the lines and shapes that make up this text. Somehow, your brain can translate this into something that we call meaning. What is this mysterious process happening in the brain and what does it mean for something to have "meaning"? Could a computer be programmed to do the same thing? In this project, computer programs will be written that are based on the latest theories on how reading is performed in your brain. To see whether the computer simulation is correct, I'm going to compare the simulated signal with brain activity we record from human volunteers. Places where the signals match should correspond to things that our theories can correctly explain. In places where the signals don't match, it is likely that our theories need improvement.
Short titleVan Vliet Marijn
Effective start/end date01/09/201731/12/2020