Quantum mechanics of mechanics

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Large bodies are thought to follow the laws of classical physics. However, quantum mechanics predicts certain corrections to these laws. Quantum phenomena which take place on the macroscopic scale have recently been investigated in micromechanical oscillators. In this project, the main goal is to make the first observation of quantum entanglement between two macroscopic mechanical oscillators. The entangled state carries the most peculiar features of quantum mechanics, where spatially separated objects share each others' properties. We will use mechanical oscillators made of millimeter-sized silicon nitride membranes inside superconducting cavities. Shining a suitable microwave light can allow for creating entanglement. In other experiments we create entangled states of the cavities, and launch investigations on testing extensions on quantum mechanics. The project may also contribute towards concepts for new telecom components.
Short titleMekaniikan kvanttim./Sillanpää
Effective start/end date01/09/201731/08/2021

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