Mass-polariton theory of light: from theory to simulation of experiments

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Recent computer simulations of the Newtonian dynamics of a medium under influence of optical and elastic force fields have proved that an optical pulse drives in transparent medium forward an atomic mass density wave (MDW). The atoms moving with MDW transfer in the case of silicon crystal 92% of the total momentum of the light pulse and the transferred mass is a key to solve the centennial Abraham Minkowsky momentum dilemma. The shift of atoms by MDW leads also to a non-equilibrium of atom distribution and to dissipation of small part of the field energy by sound waves. Thus the novel mass polariton (MP) theory of light, named according to its single photon quasiparticle model, is a ground breaking discovery influencing the very foundations of optics. In the project the MP theory will be generalized for dispersive and lossy medium as well as for liquids and gases. Experimental setups for discovery of the MDW will be simulated. Technology roadmap for applications will be developed.
Short titleValon massa-aaltoteoria/Tulkki
Effective start/end date01/09/201830/06/2022


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