Manufacturing novel bio-based Wood-like foams by a continuous forming process

  • Alava, Mikko (Principal investigator)
  • Puisto, Antti (Project Member)
  • Coffeng, Martti (Project Member)
  • Jannuzzi Fonseca, Luisa (Project Member)
  • Koivisto, Juha (Project Member)
  • Karjalainen, Ari (Project Member)
  • Mohammed, Ali (Project Member)
  • Mäkinen, Tero (Project Member)
  • Ranta, Riia (Project Member)
  • Olsio, Sari (Project Member)

Project Details

Short titleTUTL FoamWood
AcronymFoam Wood
Effective start/end date01/01/202131/05/2022


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