Microwave optomechanics with magnons

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We propose to explore the integration of nanomagnetism with nano- and micromechanical devices. Micromechanical systems have recently been employed to test the limits of quantum mechanics, and are routinely in use for signal processing, or sensing of mass or distance. Nanomagnetism or spintronics involves ferromagnetic thin films that support localized or propagating collective excitations, known as magnons, formed by a large number of individual electron spins. Strain-mediated interaction between ferromagnetic magnons and localized phonons is in a strong analogy to cavity optomechanics, which explores the coupling between electromagnetic and mechanical modes, but now with the electromagnetic cavity replaced by the magnon. The concepts of such hybrids, either from basic science of application point of view, have previously been touched upon in only a handful of scientific works. Our proposed work will pave the way for new hybrid cavity optomechanics and magnonics.
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2023

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