1/f noise

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1/f noise has been a mystery in physics for more than 50 years. Curiously, 1/f noise is observed in nature in various context, for example in brain signals, music, traffic, etc. The phenomenon is still not explained, not even in electrical devices in spite of several attempts. Our project will employ new ideas for making progress in understanding the generation of 1/f noise. We plan to test our theories using new two dimensional materials, in which gas adsorption can be employed to make controllable impurity layers with nearly single atom precision to modify 1/f noise. By laying a ground work for a microscopic 1/f model based on impurity diffusion in conjunction with trapping, our project would create an opportunity to make better optimization of 1/f noise in various solid state systems. The knowledge learned in the project will be applied to optimization of low frequency noise in sensors for imaging applications in quantum technology.
Short titleLTnoise/Hakonen
Effective start/end date01/09/201731/08/2021

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