Centre of Excellence in Low Temperature Quantum Phenomena and Devices

  • Golubev, Dmitry (Project Member)
  • Volovik, Grigory (Project Member)
  • Westström, Alex (Project Member)
  • Tuoriniemi, Juha (Project Member)
  • Najafi Jabdaraghi, Robab (Leila) (Project Member)
  • Pekola, Jukka (Principal investigator)
  • Pöyhönen, Kim (Project Member)
  • Singh, Shilpi (Project Member)
  • Feshchenko, Anna (Project Member)
  • Kauppila, Ville (Project Member)
  • Senior, Jorden (Project Member)
  • Viisanen, Klaara (Project Member)
  • Wang, Libin (Project Member)
  • Khan, Raphael (Project Member)
  • Padurariu, Ciprian (Project Member)
  • Lähteenmäki, Pasi (Project Member)
  • Ronzani, Alberto (Project Member)
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