Local Checking, Solving, and Mending-New Perspectives on Distributed Computing

  • Suomela, Jukka (Principal investigator)
  • Melnyk, Darya (Project Member)
  • Lievonen, Henrik (Project Member)
  • Kuoppala, Siiri (Project Member)
  • Dahal, Sameep (Project Member)
  • Akbari, Amirreza (Project Member)

Project Details


Modern large-scale communication networks consist of a large number of computers that are connected to each other through communication channels. The computers can solve challenging tasks in collaboration so that the devices exchange messages with each other and each computer solves its own part of the task. A program that controls such a network is called a distributed algorithm. In this project we study which computational tasks can be solved rapidly with distributed algorithms, and which computational tasks are such that solving them with any distributed algorithm will necessarily take a long time. A central question is whether it is sufficient that the computers exchange information only with other computers in their vicinity, or if it is necessary to transmit data over a long distance from one end of the network to another. A theory of such systems will help us to understand not only man-made communication networks but also systems that occur in nature.
Short titleLocalMend/Suomela
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/08/2024


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