Light-actuatable self-healing hydrogels for soft robots

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Soft robots have recently gained enormous research interests due to their potential in medical applications, safe manufacturing, etc. However, soft materials are prone to damage, calling for robust material design. Herein, I propose to develop self-healing hydrogels that can be actuated by light, and self-healing soft robots based on them. The self-healing ability endows extra robustness to the robotic systems, while light-actuatability enables miniaturization and remote control. The hydrogel will be based on a multi-component nanocomposite design to achieve optimized toughness, self-healing, and photo-responsivity. As for soft robots, I propose to devise a light-driven gripper that can self-heal even after a severe damage, as well as transformable walkers that can cooperate on a task. The project will bridge the gap between self-healing materials and soft robots, and open up new functionalities in devices based on soft materials.
Short titleZhang Hang
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/08/2023


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