Kumar Manohar AT-Palkka / Non-Abelian interactions in an anyon collider geometry

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Quasiparticles are elementary excitations, forms due to the interaction of particles with the environment. For example, when electrons are confined in 2-dimensional space, close to absolute zero temperature, and a high magnetic field, these electrons behave in a strange fashion; they lose their individual characteristics. Many electrons interact with each other to create new kinds of emergent particles with the charge smaller than that of an electron and forms new quantum states. Moreover, they are neither fermions nor bosons, but a new kind of particle called "Anyons". For the very first time, their statistics were detected by the applicant. In this Academy project, he likes to probe even more exotic particles called non-Abelian anyons in graphene. These particles have a memory of their quantum states. That means quantum information could be stored and processed using these exotic particles. Here in this Academy project, he will probe such particles in graphene.
Effective start/end date01/09/202131/08/2026

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