Parabolic flows with variational methods

  • Korte, Riikka (Principal investigator)
  • Evdoridis, Stavros (Project Member)
  • Vestberg, Matias (Project Member)
  • Buffa, Vito (Project Member)
  • Myyryläinen, Kim (Project Member)
  • Kurki, Emma-Karoliina (Project Member)
  • Pacchiano Camacho, Cintia (Project Member)
  • Takala, Timo (Project Member)
  • Weigt, Julian (Project Member)

Project Details


The goal of this project is to develop mathematical theory using variational methods for two nonlinear parabolic PDEs: the total variation flow and the diffusive wave approximation of the shallow water equations. The proposed project is a continuation of the PI's and the research team's successful work in the fields of the nonlinear evolutionary partial differential equations, the calculus of variations and the geometric measure theory related to the functions of bounded variation, and the proposed project requires combining the expertise form all these fields.
Effective start/end date01/09/201731/08/2021

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