KATAJA/Work and Career in Bus.

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    With the desire to achieve sustainable development and alleviate climate changes, Paris Agreement recommended all parties to put forward their best available scientific knowledge and efforts. In line with the ambitious goals mentioned in the agreement, integrating renewable energy sources in power systems serves as a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emission development. The European Union is targeting to reach a 64 to 97% share for renewable energy sources in 2050. The present electric power systems are, however, unlikely to be able to handle such a great share for renewable energy sources. To cope the issue, this research proposes to activate demand side technologies including, but not limited to, flexible loads and storage systems to enable a higher hosting capacity for renewable energy sources in electric power systems.
    Short titleKATAJA/Work and Career in Bus.
    Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2021


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