• Sams, Mikko (Principal investigator)
  • Volynets, Sofia (Project Member)

Project Details


Statistical analysis is critical when it comes to obtaining insights from data. A lot of expertise from various fields is required to perform high quality data analysis. We develop a software assisted statistical workflow tool called *bayesflow*, which helps researchers and data analysts to follow the best practices of Bayesian statistics in all phases of their projects. We combine substantive statistical research with software development and empirical evaluation of the developed tools. Our software can be applied by expert statisticians, empirical researchers with some statistical knowledge, data analysts in companies, and students learning the basics of Bayesian statistics. By making applied scientific research and data analysis in private and public sectors more reliable and reproducible, we will help to improve of our understanding of the world and better informed decision-making. Thus, the project will have a long lasting positive impact on society.
Short titleKasvokkain/Nummenmaa/TY
Effective start/end date01/09/201631/12/2016


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