Isogeometric adaptive methods for thin-walled structures- with applications from architectural and industrial design in structural and mechanical engineering

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The project considers integration of computer aided engineering analysis to computer aided industrial/architectural design and manufacturing. Thin structures as beams, membranes, plates, shells are the main building blocks in engineering design. With smart
materials, thin structures can be used in many fields of science and technology for multidisciplinary applications. The unified and exact geometry presentation of isogeometric methods is crucial for the process integration, shape sensitive structures and for nonlinear large
deformations and shape optimization. Superior accuracy to the traditional finite elements with extra flexibility for varying the global smoothness. Adaptive methods with local error indicators assign and quantify the error distribution and automatically direct computational resources according to the computational goals. Adaptivity essentially benefits from the isogeometric paradigm through multi-faceted refinements and access to the exact geometry.
Short titleNiiranen Jarkko/AT
Effective start/end date01/09/201331/08/2018