Intermediaries in the energy transition: The invisible work of creating markets for sustainable energy solutions (TRIPOD)

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The project examines intermediary actors in energy transition. These actors mediate knowledge, know-how, technical solutions and practices between consumers, energy producers and public policy. We focus on household energy technologies and services, in which intermediaries have an important role in creating markets for innovative solutions and changing towards low-carbon energy systems between centralised organisations and distributed consumers. The project is composed of three subprojects that focus on intermediaries from the perspectives of large energy companies, public actors and consumers. The research design uses case studies which empirical materials (interviews, observation, document analysis). The project addresses when and where intermediaries are particularly needed, what are good practices in intermediation and how intermediary action should be organised in different circumstances.
Short titleSA/TRIPOD/E70602
Effective start/end date01/09/201522/09/2019