Interactive machine learning from multiple biodata sources

  • Sundin, Iiris (Project Member)
  • Hegde, Pashupati (Project Member)
  • Eranti, Pradeep (Project Member)
  • Kaski, Samuel (Principal investigator)
  • Reinvall, Jaakko (Project Member)
  • Jälkö, Joonas (Project Member)
  • Aushev, Alexander (Project Member)
  • Celikok, Mustafa Mert (Project Member)
  • Kangas, Juho-Kustaa (Project Member)
  • Honkamaa, Joel (Project Member)
  • Afrabandpey, Homayun (Project Member)
  • Daee, Pedram (Project Member)
  • Blomstedt, Paul (Project Member)
  • Chen, Yi (Project Member)
  • Qin, Xiangju (Project Member)
  • Shen, Zheyang (Project Member)
  • Peltola, Tomi (Project Member)
  • Pesonen, Henri (Project Member)
  • Siren, Jukka (Project Member)


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Engineering & Materials Science


Medicine & Life Sciences