In-situ TEM/STEM Studies of Electrically Driven Oxides

  • Yao, Lide (Principal investigator)
  • Kimiaei, Erfan (Project Member)
  • Schaffers, Taddäus (Project Member)
  • Tupala, Atte (Project Member)

Project Details


Recent innovations in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) have enabled groundbreaking in-situ TEM techniques for real-time atomic-scale imaging of functional nanomaterials under different electric bias conditions. In this project, in-situ TEM tools will be developed to investigate resistive switching and structural phase transitions in complex oxide materials. Giant resistive switching effects under study are bound to have a key impact on the design of future memory and logic devices and structural phase transitions related to ion migration are essential for the optimization of oxide fuel and/or memory cells. Besides frontier in-situ TEM experiments, the project contains an intensive researcher training program on electron microscopy, which will advance nanomaterial research in Finland on a more general level.
Short titleLide Yao AT kulut jatko
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/08/2020