Improving the security of cryptographic primitives through unification of statistical cryptanalyses

  • Wieringa, Celine (Principal investigator)

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In parallel to the emergence of new technologies and new means of communication, cryptographic algorithms have been developed to ensure the security of the transmitted or stored data. The fastest solutions are obtained from symmetric-key primitives, which therefore are widely exploited in applications. Their security in regards to the known attacks is evaluated at different stages of their life. Due to the large number of existing attacks this analysis is long and tedious.

The theoretical target of this research is to analyze these attacks to identify relations between them. A better understanding of the links between these attacks will help in simplifying the security evaluation process. Thanks to this work the security of the newly designed primitives will be improved. This research will continue the fruitful results obtained by the applicant in the last two years. A concrete objective will consist of the design of a secure block cipher.
Short titleBlondeau Celine
Effective start/end date01/09/201514/01/2018


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