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The Finnish and US partners of this project together will develop enabling radio frequency (RF) technologies for radical improvement of the present cellular wireless through exploitation of above-100 GHz RF. Support of data rates in the radio communication seems presently "sufficient" using the existing services including 5G. However, the expected 5G services cannot further accommodate any future new application, e.g., intelligent control of deployed services and applications in real-time. The use of above-100 GHz radios allows the very large contiguous bandwidths needed for high-data-rate links, making it one of the promising solutions to address the future demands. However, ensuring service coverage by above-100 GHz radios imposes huge challenges as compared to the legacy cellular systems. We therefore aim at laying foundations on enabling technologies of beyond-5G cellular, from the perspectives of efficient coverage for above-100 GHz RF.
Short titleAKA-NSF-Haneda
Effective start/end date01/01/202231/12/2024

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