Interactive Movement Artificial Intelligence (IMAI)

  • Takatalo, Jari (Project Member)
  • Rajamäki, Joose (Project Member)
  • Hämäläinen, Perttu (Principal investigator)
  • Naderi, Kourosh (Project Member)
  • Kaos, Maximus (Project Member)
  • Babadi, Amin (Project Member)
  • Toikka, Juuso (Project Member)
  • Ikkala, Aleksi (Project Member)

Project Details


This project aims to 1) develop physically-based movement AI for interactive game and simulation characters, and 2) investigate the opportunities of such technology in supporting movement skill learning and exercise motivation. This is motivated by public health concerns over sedentary lifestyle and low physical activity. We hypothesize that besides entertainment innovations, the AI will enable new forms of game-based learning, e.g., creative discovery of self-defense techniques against simulated attackers of varying body types and weapons. In our cross-disciplinary approach, technology requirements are derived from sport and exercise research questions, and experiments utilizing the developed technology contribute back to the knowledge on sport and exercise. This ensures 1) developing technology for a real societal impact, and 2) investigating what sport and exercise can be, as opposed to focusing on present-day phenomena.
Effective start/end date01/09/201631/08/2020

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