Ice Block Breakage: Experiments and Simulations (ICEBES)

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The sea ice loads on structures are one of the key factors when designing structures for ice-covered Arctic seas. However, they are poorly understood: ice loads are due to complicated ice loading process, where intact ice breaks into pile of ice blocks, so-called ice rubble, which then affects the further loads. The complicated process makes predicting ice loads very challenging. In this research, we study a factor that is closely related to the ice loads, ice block breakage. Breakage is the tendency of ice blocks to break under loads. Block breakage has not been studied before, even if it may greatly affect the ice loads. We will be the first ones to conduct a set of experiments, and develop a numerical model for breakage on this topic. Our work should yield a reliable numerical model, that is suitable for large- scale simulations on various ice loading scenarios. As a result of the project, we will be able to improve ice load predictions on structures.
Short titleICEBES/Polojärvi Arttu
Effective start/end date01/09/201731/08/2021