Hybrid Lab Network

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Hybrid Lab Network is an exploratory project that promotes mobilization, internationalization and links between distinct fields of study across 4 cultures: Arts, Sciences, Engineering/Technology and Humanities, and 3 sectors: Academia, Research, Society. The project focuses on multidisciplinary approach to improve STEAM training, particularly in bio-sciences, including the development of didactic tools and resources to promote critical and creative thinking and innovation. Hybrid Lab Network aims to upgrade the work carried out by the individual partners - two excellent higher education institutions (Slovenia and Finland), a world class research institute (Portugal), and an outstanding foundation (Netherlands) -, giving it a strong EU dimension. The transnational consortium promotes real action with focus on higher education and training for the future: innovation, curricular flexibility, collaboration and sustainable approaches. The planned actions encourage exchange of good practices, including multi-disciplinary approaches, new curriculum modules, and delivery methods. The Hybrid Lab Network is funded by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership program 2019-2022. https://hybrid.i3s.up.pt/
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2022