Optoelectronic Synapses for Artificial Neuro Networks

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The emulation of synaptic plasticity by memristors is vital for artificial neuromorphic systems. Most research has focused on all-electrical components exploiting phenomena such as polarization switching, phase changes, magnetization dynamics, and ion migration. Optoelectronic devices offer added functionality and improved performance as artificial synapses. In this hybrid approach, the high transmission speed, large bandwidth, and low interference features of light are used for communication and manipulation, and electrons are exploited for integrated computation. In OE-SYNAPSE, optoelectronic effects at Schottky barrier interfaces will be studied. The objective is to emulate synaptic functions by combining nonvolatile resistance switching and persistent photoconductivity in patterned junctions. The ultimate goal is to provide proof-of-concept evidence of neuronal integrate-and-fire dynamics by combining artificial synapses with an electrical switch.
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/08/2021


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