Homeostasis inspired strain-resistant materials with negative feedback loop

  • Wani, Owies (Principal investigator)

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Inspired by the biological systems, scientists are trying to develop materials which can show complex behaviors such as responsiveness, resilience, interactivity and ability to learn. One such material class is inspired by homeostasis - an ability of a system to maintain its integrity overtime by opposing any change imposed by its environment. Inspired by homeostasis, this research project aims to develop strain-resistant resilient materials by combining two different liquid crystal-based materials in an innovative design. This will enable a new type of material capable of opposing any strain generated under load by triggering a series of interactive events which would restore its initial state, via a self-regulatory feedback mechanism. The developed material will be important for fabrication of soft robotic components that need to maintain their shape and integrity over time, while repeatedly performing their function.
Short titleCELLORESIST/Wani
Effective start/end date01/09/202130/11/2021

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