Applied Algebra and Number Theory in Robust and Secure Wireless Cloud Storage Systems

  • Hollanti, Camilla (Principal investigator)
  • Amoros Carafi, Laia (Project Member)
  • Tran Nguyen Thanh, Ha (Project Member)
  • Keränen, Jukka (Project Member)
  • Vesalainen, Esa (Project Member)
  • Blanco-Chacón, Iván (Project Member)
  • Tajeddine, Razane (Project Member)
  • Gnilke, Oliver (Project Member)
  • Karpuk, David (Project Member)
  • Milione, Piermarco (Project Member)
  • Westerbäck, Thomas (Project Member)
  • Kuznetsova, Olga (Project Member)

Project Details


Our society is relying on wireless communications and data storage over unreliable channels and networks more than ever, largely due to increasing demand for wireless services, social networks and peer to peer systems such as Facebook, Google, Oracle, and various video-on-demand services. Cloud storage deals with the key technologies in communication, e.g., file distribution, data replication, collection, and repair, and network security. In the case of distributed network storage in the internet-based applications and services, this topic is relatively mature. However, distributed media across wide areas and distributed network storage in wireless environment, e.g., in sensor and ad-hoc network, pose an interesting challenge for present distributed technologies. The main goal of this project is to design protocols and algebraic codes for wireless storage systems, thereby combining the two seemingly different areas of wireless communications and network coding.
Effective start/end date01/09/201431/08/2018

Collaborative partners

  • Aalto University (lead)
  • SA: Research funding (other) (Project partner)
  • SA: Research funding (other) (Project partner)
  • Suomen Akatemia (Project partner)


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