High temperature chemistry of phosphorus – pathways to more effective recycling and utilization

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There is a need for increase of knowledge of the chemistry of phosphorus in high-temperature processes in order to find new ways of recycling and utilizing phosphorus compounds and phases. We will study and measure thermodynamic properties, phase equilibria and molecular structure of phosphate-containing melts and glasses, mainly related to biomass and waste ashes and bioactive glasses. These data will be used as input for thermodynamic optimizations of phosphate-containing systems. The developed databases will be used to predict the behavior of phosphorus in biomass combustion and in producing bioactive glasses. The results from the present project can also have an effect on the recycling and recovery strategies of phosphorus, as well as finding new ways of extracting the phosphorus from various industrial streams. This may lead to lower carbon footprint and better extraction of phosphorus from different primary and secondary sources.
AcronymPhosPath, TDM
Effective start/end date01/09/202131/08/2025

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