Geophysical laboratory and observatory infrastructure of FIN-EPOS

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Finland is a member of the European Plate Observation System (EPOS) via the national FIN-EPOS consortium. The European Plate Observation System (EPOS is the integrated solid Earth Sciences research infrastructure (RI) included in ESFRI roadmap. EPOS is coordinating the integrated use of data, models and facilities from spatially separated networks, observatories, temporary deployments and research facilities in Europe. Proposed multidisciplinary GEPOS-project examines science questions from rock thermal properties to geomagnetic effects of solar storms, and provides new measurements needed to examine those questions. The main goal of GEPOS is to update instruments to fulfill the international standards and for the needs of research including disciplines from geomagnetism, geothermal physics and geodesy. GEPOS will contribute to one of the EPOS main goals ("Experimental & analogue laboratories in Europe" during the EPOS implementation phase 2015 - 2019.
Short titleG-EPOS
Effective start/end date01/05/201631/12/2019