Force transfer mechanism and seismic performance of demountable connections for composite pier-coupling beam

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This project focuses on the investigation of the force transfer mechanism and seismic performance of demountable connections, through combining the methods of model tests, numerical simulations, and theoretical analysis. Firstly, push-out tests and pull-off tests are conducted to assess the horizontal shear and vertical tensile performance of the demountable connectors respectively, and the corresponding constitutive relations of shear-slip and tension-lift are established. Then, the dynamic interaction between the demountable connection of coupling beams and composite columns will be explored. Finally, the seismic performance of demountable connections will be evaluated. These research results will be beneficial to improve the resilience seismic design of such composite pier connected by replaceable low yield point steel coupling beams with corrugated web and promote the engineering application of proposed composite pier structures.
AcronymAoF Mobility to China/Lin
Effective start/end date01/03/202229/02/2024

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