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The goal of the Food SystemiCity programme is to develop and pilot a new cross-sector model based on co-development. The programme facilitates the creation of new innovations and businesses that accelerate the agri-food sector’s sustainability transition through seizing opportunities within building local city region food systems. Food SystemiCity programme supports the formation of new ‘linkage teams’ created between large (e.g. real estate developer) and small operators (e.g. science-based startup).
New innovations that build the local food systems can be based on, for example, new food plant growing technologies suitable for urban environments, sensors and analytics services, digital services, robotization, nutrient cycle solutions and new types of community business models
The results of the project:
• a piloted model of the SystemiCity programme
• creation of 'linkage teams' and their new sustainable business and systemic product and service solutions that they jointly develop and commercialize for the global markets
Aalto University leads the Action Point 2 Scenario planning for future business opportunities and participates in Action Point 6 (lead by Natural Resources Institute Finland) by developing an evaluation framework for sustainability.

AcronymSystemiCity Toivonen
Effective start/end date01/02/202331/12/2025

Collaborative partners

  • Aalto University (lead)
  • Luonnonvarakeskus (Luke) (Joint applicant)
  • Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy (Joint applicant)
  • Helsingin yliopisto
  • Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy
  • Uudenmaan liitto


  • Uudenmaan liitto
  • EU: Other EU funding (structural funds)


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