Floating Peripheries – Mediating the sense of place

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This research illustrates the spatial and conceptual peripheries and phenomena related to them. It deepens the understanding of 'peripheries' and 'margins' by means of theoretical examination and knowledge formation through artistic research. The phenomenon extends from physical and geographical locations into areas that are difficult to verbalize - sensory spheres, states of mind shaped by complex associations and mental images and various fields of human interaction.

This research applies the methods used in spatial arts, scenography, media art and artistic interventions and creates new relations between peripheries, centers and people operating in them.

The research is conducted in various margins of urban space, arctic nature, environments of healthcare and wellbeing and in the margins of normative life, and it produces new art-based methods to be modeled in such ways that different stakeholders operating in peripheral environments are able to use and benefit of them.
Short titleFloating Peripheries
Effective start/end date01/09/201731/08/2021