National Infrastructure for human virtualization and remote presence

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Data gathering and digitalization will transform society. The technological shift on micro (body and individual), meso (groups) and macro (cultures) levels will be radical and affects all aspects of human experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions utilising perceptual data will transform human interactions, design, learning, media, arts, robotics, healthcare, etc. The transition is holistic, no single research group or one university can study it alone. MAGICS creates a national network infrastructure of complementary cutting-edge facilities to accelerate research into these complex phenomena. Aalto focuses on measuring and digitizing human experience; University of Tampere on multimodal and embodied interaction, game culture, representing visual data, and reconstructing and visualizing digital worlds; Uniarts illuminates all this from the perspective of arts. Together, with industrial partners, they will research and facilitate shared digital spaces and remote-presence.
Effective start/end date01/07/202030/11/2021

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