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OtaNano is a national research infrastructure (RI) offering a wide variety of facilities for the needs of micro- and nanoscience and technology, and quantum engineering. These facilities are important for scientists as well as for high-tech companies working with micro- and nanotechnology applications. The RI is a national platform to develop innovative enabling technologies and apply them to practical micro- and nano-systems. It serves as a first-rate educational centre for young researchers, and acts as a national node for scientific collaboration. OtaNano is is an open access RI, operated by Aalto University and VTT, and available for academic and commercial users internationally. FIRI-INRE project aims to further enforce OtaNano's capabilities towards companies' use of the infrastructure and to support current and future industrial collaborations and innovation activities in particular in the fields of low-temerature physics, quantum computing and nanotechnology.
Short titleFIRI INRE/T40901
Effective start/end date01/07/202030/11/2021

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