FinnCERES - Competence Centre for the Materials Bioeconomy: A Flagship for our Sustainable Future

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The FinnCERES Competence Centre promotes bioeconomy via advanced bio-based materials. In this joint effort of Aalto University and VTT, our mission is to harness the natural properties of lignocellulose to create novel material solutions and processes for sustainable growth. The scientific outcomes are transferred to benefit Finnish industry, addressing the challenges of resource sufficiency, climate change, and quality of life. In addition to strong fundamental research, our Flagship programme contains the following applied research themes: 1) Future biorefineries, 2) Clean air and water, 3) Lignocellulosics beyond plastics, and 4) Electronics, optics, and energy applications. We envision that the Flagship outcomes will bring us closer to a new era of bio-based materials. FinnCERES aims to be internationally recognized as one of the world leaders in bio-based materials research, development, and business.
Effective start/end date01/05/202231/12/2022

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